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Independent oil and gas exploration, production, and technology

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Who We Are

Green Century Resources is an oil & gas exploration, production, and technology group based in Midland, Texas.
We are committed to being a leading independent oil & gas producer in the U.S.

Our View of the Markets

Our goal is to find and develop projects that will make healthy rates of return at $40 oil prices.  We believe prices need to be at least $40 in order to for adequate supplies to be produced to satisfy world needs.  Periods of short supply will cause prices to rise above these levels, creating even greater profitability for our projects.

Our Competitive Advantages

  • Our extraordinary team (see Leadership)
  • Our low-cost, low-overhead orientation
  • Our commitment to develop only projects with “good rock” that have the potential to realize high returns at current oil & gas prices
  • Our Wildcat™ finding and development systems
  • Our focus on conventional projects in areas that are not highly competitive and offer relatively low land costs
  • Our low-risk approach, seeking projects close to known production
  • Our proprietary Reflex™ wireless Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, which are developed and maintained in-house

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