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Stop High-Level Nuclear Waste
from Coming to the Permian Basin!

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Tommy Taylor, Director of Oil and Gas Development at Fasken Oil and Ranch, Ltd., and James Mayer, Founder and CEO of Green Century Exploration & Production, LLC, discuss the plan to bring high-level nuclear waste to the Permian Basin and the dangers of doing so.

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Green Century Resources is an oil & gas exploration, production, and technology group based in Midland, Texas.
We are committed to being a leading independent oil & gas producer in the U.S.

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Please Sign this Letter to President Trump Urging Him to
Stop High-Level Nuclear Waste from Coming to the Permian Basin!

Linked via the button below is a letter to President Trump from Oilmen, Oilwomen and Friends of the Permian Basin to:

  • brief President Trump regarding plans underway to move large volumes of nuclear waste from power plants around the country
    to two long-term storage sites near the center of the Permian Basin (see location map below)
  • highlight the risks and poor judgment of these plans, and
  • request that the President do everything within his power to stop this madness.

The letter is from We the People of the Permian Basin and our partners, friends and supporters from other parts of Texas and around the country.  It supports Fasken Oil & Ranch’s leadership in fighting to keep our Permian Basin communities and businesses safe and prosperous.  Tommy Taylor, Director of Oil & Gas Development at Fasken, will be the lead signature.

We encourage each of you to sign the PDF linked via the button below and return the signature page to  We will make sure your signature is included with all others received.  Through our connections we plan to have this letter personally delivered to President Trump, with copies to some of his family members, his campaign manager and leaders of his re-election campaign team.  Please take action and join us for the good of our region, our industry and our country.  You can also help by passing a copy of this letter along to your friends and associates.  Click the button below now to download a PDF copy. Thank you!