Green Century operates in the Texas Permian Basin. The Permian Basin is the largest oil producing region in the United States.

The Permian Basin has an abundance of high quality oil and gas reserves in most categories: shallow and deep reserves; sands, carbonates, and shales; vertical and horizontal well targets; conventional and unconventional reservoirs; water, natural gas, nitrogen and CO2 floods, etc.  The region also offers top oil & gas technology experts and top quality service companies in abundance.  The Permian is not only the largest, but also the “hottest” oil field in the U.S.

Green Century drills and operates its own wells in the Texas Permian Basin.  We have expertise in vertical and horizontal drilling and completions and waterflooding operations.  We will consider all types of drilling and well/production acquisitions opportunities, whether shallow or deep, vertical or horizontal, conventional or unconventional.  Our preference, however, is to stay clear of unconventional shale projects exhibiting intense competition and inflated land and project costs, favoring areas and opportunities that are not in the spotlight.

Green Century Exploration & Production continually has a growing number of drilling prospects in the pipeline for growth.  Our Wildcat™ discovery systems allow us to sift through vast quantities of well and production data to rapidly identify and evaluate prospects.  We use these systems to search for opportunities meeting our objectives and criteria.