Green Century Resources has a strong team and a growing network of top industry expert associates to assist in the execution and management of our business.

Expert teams of staff, consultants and advisers are organized on an as-needed, project-by-project basis to provide management and technical advisory services.  Our goal is to avoid the fixed costs and slow moving inefficiencies associated with a large centralized staff.

Core Team

A. James Mayer Founder and CEO
Umber Mayer Director of Accounting and Investor Relations
Adam Mayer Chief Information Officer
Arlen Edgar, P.E. Prominent Oil & Gas Investor, Petroleum Engineer, and Executive
Gary M. Scott, P.E. Petroleum Engineer and Oil & Gas Investor
Wes Perry Oil & Gas Investor & Operator, Land Expert, and Former Midland, TX Mayor
Stephen J. McClaine, P.E. Petroleum Engineering and Oil & Gas Operations Expert
John Blevins, P.E. Petroleum Engineer and Fracing/Completions Expert
Randall Taylor Oil & Gas Drilling Expert and Horizontal Drilling Expert
Henry McElroy Oil & Gas Drilling Expert
Joe Williamson Operations and Downhole Tools and Procedures Expert
Arthur G. (Randy) Randol III, Ph.D. Energy, Environmental, and Government Relations Expert
Bob A. Hardage, Ph.D. Seismic Expert
Michel E. Curry Oil & Gas Attorney and Former Landman
Richard E. Lewis, Ph.D. Unconventional Petrophysicist and Log Reading Expert