We believe that softness in oil and gas prices represents, in addition to a challenge, a tremendous opportunity for high quality operators.  In this type of environment, four factors take on critical importance:

  1. High-quality reserves developed with
  2. An elite management team that utilizes
  3. Cutting edge technology, leading to
  4. Higher recovery of hydrocarbons at lower cost.

Whereas a mediocre reserve managed by a mediocre operator can remain profitable at $100 oil, there is no tolerance for mediocrity with the new normal of soft prices.  Highly skilled operators, on the other hand, that are able to find and develop high quality reserves at economic prices will prosper.  Therein lies the opportunity for Green Century.

While it was initially thought that commodity prices would recover within a relatively short time span, it is becoming clearer and clearer that there is an abundant supply of oil and gas today that can react very quickly to changes in demand, meaning that $50 oil is probably here to stay for a while.  That is why oil and gas investors today need an operator that can deliver a solid return on investment at current prices, without any dependency on prices recovering in the near term.  Green Century is that operator.

Green Century is committed to doing more with less, and our strategy reflects that focus:

  1. High Quality Reserves:
    Find high quality reserves that can offer an attractive return on investment at current prices without any dependency on price recovery.  To achieve this we utilize our Wildcat™ discovery system to rapidly sift through and evaluate mountains of well and production data looking for the best opportunities.  In addition, through our iCAN™ contact network we keep in touch with hundreds of deal sources.
  2. An Elite Team:
    Apply extraordinary management, team members, advisors, and service companies to exploit our quality reserves.  Our “cloud” management structure gives us access to the best and brightest while keeping our overhead at a minimum, giving us superior results at lower cost.
  3. Cutting Edge Technology:
    Develop and utilize advanced technologies for finding, exploring, developing, and operating reserves to drive down costs, improve execution, and increase recovery of oil and gas.
  4. Higher Recovery of Hydrocarbons at Lower Cost:
    Execute drilling, completion, and production operations with an intense focus on cost control while maintaining high quality standards and continually improving our drilling, completion, and production methods to maximize hydrocarbon recovery.  Our ReflexOS™ SCADA/IIoT system allows us to manage more resources more effectively with less people, leading to better results at lower cost.  Low cost operations means greater resilience to soft oil prices than many of the expensive unconventional plays that are currently struggling.

Our strategy is designed to allow healthy profits today, offering exciting possibilities if and when prices increase.