We believe that softness in oil and gas prices represents a tremendous opportunity for savvy, efficient, low cost operators.  In this type of environment, four factors take on even more critical importance:

  1. High-quality reserves found and developed with
  2. An exceptional management team that utilizes
  3. Cutting edge technology, leading to
  4. Greater, more efficient recovery of hydrocarbons at lower cost.

Whereas mediocre reserves managed by an average operator may generate profits at $100 oil, there is little tolerance for mediocrity with the new normal of soft prices.  Extraordinary operators, on the other hand, that are able to find and develop high quality reserves at low cost will prosper.  Therein lies the opportunity for Green Century.

While it was initially thought that commodity prices would recover within a relatively short time span, abundant supplies of oil and gas now stand ready to be brought online very quickly in reaction to rising prices.  Consequently, we believe that $50 oil is probably here to stay for a while.  That is why oil and gas investors today should seek operators that can deliver a solid return on investment at current prices, without any dependency on prices increasing in the near term.  Green Century is dedicated to doing just that.

Green Century is committed to doing “More with Less.”  Our strategy is designed to allow healthy profits today, offering exciting possibilities if and when prices increase.