Company Overview

Green Century Resources, LLC is a Delaware limited liability company headquartered in Midland, Texas. Green Century Exploration & Production, LLC is our drilling and operating subsidiary. We are committed to the innovative and responsible development of oil & gas resources and technologies.  Our focus is on oil opportunities in the Texas Permian Basin.  The Permian Basin is the largest land-based oil producing region in the lower 48 states, and the number one producing region in Texas.  Our Midland offices are in the heart of this major oil center.

Our goal is to build a leading independent oil & gas company that creates significant value for our investors and partners, the mineral owners we lease from, the surface owners whose land we operate on, the communities we operate in, and our employees, advisors, and vendors.

We are dedicated to innovation, honest dealings, technical and environmental leadership, and excellence in all we do.  Our network of proven expert advisers and capital sources is extensive.  We embrace a broad array of cutting-edge methods and technologies to find and fully exploit oil & gas reserves while caring for the environment.  Our nimble, low overhead approach relies on project-specific “cloud” management teams rather than a large centralized staff.

The Green Century

The name “Green Century” symbolizes our sincere commitment to energy and environmental innovation and leadership.  Today, in the Green Century, “green” no longer means slowing human progress for the good of the environment—it means finding creative ways for humanity and nature to prosper together.  We believe that hydrocarbon production, done with care, can continue to create tremendous value for America and mankind while preserving and even enhancing our environment.